• Metal Leaf   -   Copper

Copper leaf sheets. For use with polymer clay and other craft techniques NOT for metal clay

100% copper, 140mm x 140mm. Pkg of 25 sheets. Add metallic effects to Polymer Clay. Packages of 25 leaf sheets. Crackling- Place leaf on a sheet of polymer clay. Roll sheet through the next thinnest setting on the pasta machine (or roll with a brayer or stretch by hand).As the clay stretches, the leaf cannot, so it breaks and forms a crackled pattern. Continue to roll the sheet on thinner settings to create different looks. Turning the sheet before you feed it into a pasta machine will also yield another style of crackle. Patterned crackle- To obtain a specific pattern of crackle, put the metal leaf-covered sheet of clay through the pasta machine with a texture sheet or apply texture in some other way before further stretching the clay to produce more crackling. Mokume gane - Adhere leaf to some or all of the sheets of clay in a mokume gane stack. Surface application- Apply metal leaf to the surface of a polymer clay object before curing. Vary from partial to complete coverage, depending on the look you want. Tint the leaf - Choose whatever colour metal leaf you want by hand-tinting it after it is attached to the clay.This can be done before or after crackling it and before or after curing the clay, depending on your project or preferences. Use alcohol inks (like those from the Jacquard Piñata range) for transparent colour, which will allow the shine of the leaf to show though the colour. For a different look try a bit of acrylic paint. Crackled backgrounds- Place a sheet of crackled leaf (or uncrackled, if you'd rather) behind a thin sheet of translucent clay. The leaf will show through the translucent clay. This is an especially effective technique to use with image transfers on translucent clay. Faux Cloisonné Enamel- Put sheet of leaf over dimensional pieces of polymer clay to create leaf-lined cells. Fill cells with tinted, semi-translucent liquid clay. Leaf acts as reflective background for liquid clay "enamel" and uncovered lines of leaf mimic the wire in true cloisonné.

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Metal Leaf - Copper

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