• Liver of Sulphur XL GEL 2 fl oz

XL GEL - Liver of Sulphur

Extended Life Gel 2 fl oz (60ml) has been formulated for versatility & convenience. It can be used to patina silver, copper and bronze. This great product is liver of sulphur in a stabilized gel form. It is a convenient, economical, and easy way to use liver of sulphur. XL Patina Gel does not degrade in light or air. Liver of sulphur in chunk or lump form is unstable and needs to be protected from exposure to light and moisture. By contrast, XL Patina Gel will remain fresh even if the lid is left off.(We recommend keeping the lid on to keep the XL Patina Gel clean and dust free!)

XL Patina Gel is always fresh and ready to use. A 1/4 teaspoon of the gel is enough to make 190mls of strong patina solution. It can be used straight from the container or in the traditional way by mixing a little in some hot water.

Non-flammable and poses no dry inhalation hazard

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Liver of Sulphur XL GEL 2 fl oz

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