• Ice Resin Paper Sealant

Ice Resin Sealant 2oz

This Sealant is perfect for Collage work. Paper embedded in Ice Resin usually becomes transparent which can be exactly the effect you want. However for those special cases where you want to keep very dark, graphic lines in your collage work, or when using actual photographs (which often look mottled if they are embedded in Resin and not sealed) using Ice Resin sealant on the paper will maintain its opacity and clarity. Ice Resin Sealant is quick drying. Paint it on to the paper with a sponge and hold it in the air for 30 seconds to a minute. Apply a coat of ICE Resin and then insert the paper into a bezel that is ready for an ICE Resin pour.

Graphics and Colours should be used as a guide

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Ice Resin Paper Sealant

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