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Hadars Cold Inlay Powder.     

Hadar's Cold Inlay Powder is a mix of pure metal powder. The technique used is known as “cold inlay” because no firing is involved. The piece to be inlaid must be "cold inlay" ready. This means for metal clay, that the piece should be fired and finished ready to receive the inlay powder. With polymer clay and other media the piece should be either baked or prepared to receive the cold inlay powder. The inlay is done by filling the indentations of the finished piece with the inlay powder and adding a drop of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue.
Cold inlay powders allow many more metal clay contrast options with your work. You can now combine and include metal powders that cannot normally be fired together due to either firing temperatures, different shrinkage rates, and/or compatibility issues. Cold inlay can also be used for repairing metal clay pieces in a fraction of the time it takes to repair by firing. Cold Inlay can be used with materials which cannot be fired e.g. polymer clay/ wood etc After it has been sanded, the inlaid powder looks just like fully fused/sintered metal.

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Hadar's Cold Inlay Powder SELECTION

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