Brass Ageing Solution (500ml) is made especially to darken or antique brass. It is a fast acting liquid that will also darken and antique copper, bronze and tin. Container and lid colour may vary but contents identical.
Brass Ageing Solution is very effective and allows Brass to be aged very quickly. New brass or bronze hardware can be transformed and aged easily and efficiently with this solution. (*see note below)
To give new brass that aged vintage look simply submerge the brass item in the brass ageing solution until the desired level of darkening has occurred. This can be a few seconds or longer.
Make sure that you fill the container with enough Brass Aging Solution to completely cover the piece to get even coverage.
The process is easily reversed by polishing and buffing with 000 steel wool, if so desired.

*PLEASE NOTE: Brass Ageing Solution will not work on lacquered or brass plated surfaces. Lacquer can be removed with acetone or fingernail polish remover.

The container, lid and contents colour may differ from the graphic shown but the contents are brass ageing solution and the quantity is identical

The Sample Brass fittings in the graphic are for illustration purposes only and do not come with the Brass Ageing Solution advertised.

Brass Ageing Solution

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