4mm Black Rubber Choker Necklace.

Fastens securely with a superior stainless steel tension or bayonet style "popper" clasp. Ideal choker for a lightweight pendant.

Soft black rubber choker/necklace that is comfortable to wear.

Colour: Black

Diameter: Approx. 4mm

Length: Approx. 45cm / 18 inch

PLEASE NOTE: Within the receiving half of the clasp is a rubber tension ring, push the knob in and it holds the clasp together. The design of the clasp creates a vacuum in the receiving half so in order to maximize the clasps engagement, give the clasp a few twists, back and forth as you push. This forces the air out of the receiving end and creates a vacuum between the two halves making the clasp more secure.

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Necklace Black Rubber Choker

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