• Friendly Plastic Designer Stick Black

Plastic Designer Stick by Friendly Plastic®,

Plastic, opaque solid black with black base, 17.78cm x 3.97cm rectangle. Sold individually.

Friendly Plastic is a durable, non-toxic plastic used to create jewellery, accessories, home décor and much more. Use it in combination with your favourite rubber stamps, metal stamps, texture sheets, decorative paper, beads, wire, metal, bezel settings and a variety of other embellishments.

Unique designs can be created with Friendly Plastic designer sticks and pellets by softening and blending different colours together on a non-stick baking sheet, using a standard oven, toaster oven, electric griddle (frying pan)or heat gun. Free form designs can be achieved by softening Friendly Plastic in 50°-60°C hot water and then shaping with your hands, craft tools or any household object.

Make faux glass jewellery, beads or add vibrant accents to any home décor or jewellery project. This is a very economical reusable modelling medium that is soft and pliable when heated and after it cools and hardens, it can be reheated and reused. Keep plastic sticks and pellets in closed container when not in use and avoid direct sunlight.

Friendly Plastic Designer Stick Black

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