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At least one or more Makins Products have been intergrated into the projects in the Makins Gallery. My grateful thanks to all of the wonderfully creative contributors featured.

A very special mention and thank you to Lex Sorrentino who has been a valued supporter and believer in Makins Products from the beginning. Lex has combined Makins Clay and Products with a variety of very unusual and interesting media - the results are spectacular. Lex teaches a range of creative crafts including Polymer Clay, Metal Clay, Doll Making and Paverpol.

Metal Clay has a unique certification program that includes Makins Clay - for details of the CCIP Certification - Click here



Lex has always had a preference for making unusual or "weird and wonderful" things. 

The images below are examples of some of those "weird and wonderful" things. Lex has combined Makin's Clay® with various mediums including Sculpey Premo, Paverpol, Fabric, Organic matter and found objects.
Lex has always been a big fan of Makin's Air Dry Clay® and recently started working with a liquified form of Makin's Air Dry Clay®. There are some beautiful examples of her work with the liquified clay below.
If you would like to attend one of Lex's workshops, please email us 
This dynamic and exciting contemporary clay artist continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the contemporary clay world. Lex welcomes commissioned work and has been asked to do a variety of projects
including life sized sculptures. Lex recently completed the exquisite Griffin featured below.
Please contact Lex if you are interested in commissioning her to create any custom made projects. 

images/gallery/makins/GRIFFIN 009.jpgimages/gallery/makins/GRIFFIN 010.jpg

Griffin - Makin's Clay®  Raw

 Griffin - Makin's Clay®  Raw

images/gallery/makins/GRIFFIN 017.jpgimages/gallery/makins/Griffin Bronzed Edit.jpg

Griffin - Makin's Air Dry Clay®  with Undercoat

Griffin Finished Project - Makin's Air Dry Clay®  Bronzed


images/gallery/CCIP Instructors Graphics/wallhanging.jpg

Makin's Air Dry Clay® Wallhanging with Hardened Fabric

Crystal Keeper - Full Body

90cm Tall, Head, Shoulders. Arms and Hands - MAKINS CLAY. Cloth body over armature.
Rose quartz, amethyst,quartz and cut glass crystals used to decorate

Crystal Keeper - Closeup


images/gallery/makins/mermaid closeup.jpg

Mermaid - Makin's Clay® with PaverpolMermaid Closeup - Makin's Clay® with Paverpol

images/gallery/makins/paverpol sculptures Full resized.jpgimages/gallery/makins/paverpol sculptures closeupresized.jpg
Sculpture - using Makin's Clay® with Paverpol

Sculpture - Close Up

images/gallery/CCIP Instructors Graphics/leafy sea dragon2 007.jpg

images/gallery/makins/leather and makins A.jpg

Leafy Sea Dragon - Premo Head and Torso - Fins Makin's Clay® Liquid Polymer and Enamel over Fantasy Film

Wall Hanging - Makin's Clay® with Leather


Going Dotty - Beads Pink
    Going Dotty - Beads Green
Tile Bracelet


 Going Dotty - Pink Beads - Polymer Clay
and Makin's Clay® Ultimate Clay Extruder

Going Dotty - Green Beads - Polymer Clay
and Makin's Clay® Ultimate Clay Extruder



Tile Bracelet, Polymer Clay and Makin's Clay® Ultimate Clay Extruder


These projects have been designed and produced by the Krafty Lady Design Team. The use of these images is only possible with the generous consent of Kristine Lockwood who is "the Krafty Lady". As you will see, Kristine is not only a very succesful business owner, but also a talented, creative contributor to the Krafty Lady Design Team.

My thanks to Kristine and the other members of the Krafty Lady Design Team, Mylene Hillam, France Chevalier and Ingrid McHutchison who all included Makin's Clay® amongst a variety of other interesting and unusual products, in their exquisite work.

Metal Clay is delighted to announce that many of the wonderful, world renowned Krafty Lady Art Moulds used in these projects, are now available on this site for use with Makin's Clay® as well as PMC and Art Clay Silver.


KRISTINE LOCKWOOD - "the Krafty Lady"

Shadow Box
Grumpy's Book Cover





Showing the Glass door as closed and the 9 visible partitions inside the box.

The outside of the box was painted with Lumiere Blue Hall.

The inside was painted with Cream acrylic by Craftsmart before embellishing.







Kristine Lockwood Shadow Box Top Left

SpacerGLASS DOOR - Top Left Corner


AMKT10 Filigree Texture Sheet.
AM293 XLge Floral Hat.
Corner is covered with Makin's Clay® impressed with AMKT10 Filigree Texture Sheet which was painted Lumiere Blue Halo Floral Hat, made with Makin's Clay® and painted with Lumiere Metallic Gold, Halo Blue & Neopaque Red.




Kristine Lockwood Shadow Box Top Right

GLASS DOOR - Top Right Corner


AM281 Lge Mini Woman with Scarf Face, cast with Makin's Clay® which was painted with Lumiere Blue Halo & Metallic Bronze.






INSIDE GLASS DOOR directly behind PARIS 5 Parisian Goddesses, Using AM283 Lge Goddess Doll by Cathy Daulman, AMKT10 Filigree Texture Sheet, AMKT9 Fronds Texture Sheet.

Kristine Lockwood Shadow Box Inside GlassDoorSpacerDolls were made as follows from Left to Right:

1. Makin's Clay® impressed with Filigree Texture Sheet painted with Lumiere Pink Halo & Rub 'n Buff.
2. OPALS Mango.
3. Makin's Clay® impressed with Fronds Texture Sheet painted with Lumiere Blue Halo & Metallic Gold.
4. Opals Valentine.
5. Magic Meltz Green.




AM155 XLge Medieval Key.
AM227 Med Deco
K wooden craft letter painted Lumiere Blue Halo & highlighted with Metallic Gold.
The Key was cast with Makin's Clay® and painted with Neopaque Black & Highlighted with Rub 'n Buff.
Parisian postage stamp.
Picture from Parisian Beauties Sheet.

Kristine Lockwood Shadow Box Top Row


Kristine Lockwood Shadow Box Bottom Row




AM124 Lge Side Butterfly (1).
AM247 Med Leaf.
AM255 Lge Mini Skeletal Leaf.
AM266 Lge Geranium.
Butterflies, Skeletal Leaf and Geranium cast from Makin's Clay®
Leaf cast with Opals, all were painted with Lumiere Blue Halo & Metallic Gold.
The butterflies were painted with each a different pattern with the Gold and Blue Halo paints.
Picture from Parisian Beauties Sheet



Metal Letter "G" for Grumpy.
Old key bought in Parisian flea market.
Sydney Immigration stamp from Design Originals ephemera sheets.
Old ticket stub.
Patisserie stickers for Grumpy's quest in Paris.
Picture from Parisian Beauties Sheet.



AM279 Lge Deco Accent. The Deco Accent mould was cast with Makin's Clay® painted with Lumiere Blue Halo & Metallic Gold also used the lid from Pastilles Tin, postage stamp, and picture from Parisian Beauties Sheet.


Grumpy book coverGRUMPY'S BOOK COVER

Using Black and Tan leather trim on LHS, Krafty Lady Art Moulds and Makin's Clay® Terracotta









Roman Grapes
Mylene Hillam Roman Grapes


AM132 Lge Full Column.
AM250 XXLge Ornate Vase.
AMMT Torso Monty. (Leaf only)
KL387 XLge Grapes.
RP293 Lge Crackle also used Makin's Clay® (terrra cotta), cigarette tin, Lumiere and acrylic paints, metal shim, variegated metal leaf flakes, gold pigment inkpad, espresso dye inkpad, and a stamp by Great Impressions.



Shadow Box - Detail of Makin's Clay® Component Shown

images/Images/MakinsImages/ingridMcHutchison MakinsSection.jpgimages/Images/MakinsImages/ingridMcHutchison.jpg














AM122 XLge Wise Man
AM157 XLge Daisy No 1 (partial)
AM124 Lge Side Butterfly (1)
Wise Man and partial Daisy were cast with Makin's Clay® and have been distorted prior to drying. The shapes were sprayed with a sealant before colouring.



France Chevalier Fish Trading CardSEA FINDINGS - Artist Trading Card

Sea Findings - Artist Trading Card
A Day at the Races - Card
Autumn Theatre - Card
Dargonboat Race - Card

Using Makin's Clay® in Terra Cotta painted with acrylic paints. Mesh embossed with Gold EP, Sea glass wrapped with wire, stamp by Rubbadubbadoo and acrylic paint background.



France Chevalier A day at the racesA DAY AT THE RACES - Card


AM125 XLge Trojan Horse.
RP293 Lge Crackle.
The horse was cast in Makin's Clay® in Terra Cotta and rubbed with Treasure Gold. The crackle stamp was stamped in VersaMark and embossed in Gold. The tags were provided by Krafty Lady, as were the Krafty Fibres.



France Chevalier Autumn theatre


AM090 XLge Mask
Also used Makin's Clay® which I buffed with Aztec Gold Pearl Ex.
Background stamp by After Midnight (on brown card) and Beeswax (main card).
Background made with Twinkling H20




France Chevalier Dragon Boat Race


AM076 Lge Chinese Dragon
RP293 Lge Crackle
also Makin's Clay® highlighted with Rose Gold (dry brush).
Also used stamps by About Art Accents (main image) and Beeswax (caramel card). The crackle stamp was stamped in VersaMark on the burgundy card.


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